T Town Taster: Vuelve a la Vida’s Tres Taco Platter

16 Sep

A short write up about a tall lunch order

Vuelve a la Vida, or “The Purple Octopus” as it is lovingly referred to by us here at GCF, is a fabulous authentic Mexican joint in the South end at 53rd and Pac Ave. It is a great place for slow roasted meats, killer horchata, and hand made tortillas. Although the place is well deserving of a full write-up, this is just a quick look at one of our favorites here: the Tres Taco Platter.

The Tres Taco Platter is one of the more delicious and inexpensive lunch specials on the South side. For around five bucks, you can get three massive tacos overflowing with any assortment of traditionally cooked meats and accented with fresh onion and cilantro. Be sure to quickly smother them in the two salsas provided by your waitress though, because she’ll no doubt take them from you as fast as she brought them. They must be in short supply of squeezie bottles or something.

I recommend the carne asada, birria (goat), and luenga, by which I mean cow tongue. Tasting something which was once itself responsible for tasting is a bit complicated. Complicated but delicious. Yup.

As always, mention us and get…nothing! Maybe some tongue. That isn’t meant to sound dirty.

Vuelve a la Vida
5310 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98408

(253) 473-7068
Vuelve a la Vida on Urbanspoon

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