T Town Taster – Metronome Coffee

22 Oct

We put a bird on it at Metronome coffee, the hippest cafe in town.

Metronome Coffee is a coffee nerd’s wet dream. If you also happen to enjoy wearing skinny jeans and reading Huffington Post on a Macbook Air while drinking said coffee, then this place has transcended nocturnal emissions to total Nirvana. The decor is hip Portlandia-influenced, the menu includes beer and wine, and the food is tasty. The coffee list is impressive and you can order your cup of joe brewed in a variety of methods: Chemex, Syphon, Trifecta, pour over, cold brewed, or French pressed (read about these different methods here). The apothecary-esque approach to coffee making should make for an interesting visit later, but today we just swung through for a quick espresso and a basil pastry.

The drink list is typical coffee house; I got a macchiato and Adam had a cappuccino, I know…we played it safe today. The espressos here are widely known to be some of the best in town, but our drinks were a bit on the acidic side – I’ve never been a barista, did she pull the shot late? Metronome does allow you to choose your shot, but we didn’t even realize this until after.

I am mired in a chest cold so I also ordered a “My Throat Hurts” tea to go. The tea is provided by Mad Hat Tea Company, and in this case hand made by a local herbalist. My tea had ginger, licorice root, and cayenne. Crazy. The tea was tasty, but the cayenne on a sore throat was a bit like salt in a wound. I think the name refers to the experience, not the symptom.

The one real pleasant surprise was the basil pastry. It was fresh, light, flakey, and filled with cheesy basil goodness. Perfect study fuel.

Metronome Coffee, where your cup of Joe is more of a Josef.

3518 6th Ave #101
Tacoma, WA 98406
(253) 301-2375
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