Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

18 Mar

Adam and Derrick celebrate St. Patrick’s day at one of Tacoma’s favorite Irish pubs: Doyle’s. 

One of the best things about being an American is the shameless appropriation of other cultures’ holidays. Whether it’s sucking down a cool margarita on Cinco de Mayo, pounding a Marzen at Oktoberfest, or throwing back a Guinness on St. Patrick’s day Americans love getting loaded in honor of cross-cultural celebrations. And why not? Thanks to many of our ancestors’ non-discriminatory romantic proclivities, any given person’s potential for Irish blood in this American “melting pot” (or “salad bowl” as it is more recently being referred to) is just high enough that we can all say “hey, I’m probably a little bit Irish according to my grandmother….or was it my grandfather?”

“Kiss me, I’m potentially Irish.”

Today everyone’s a little bit Irish. We happily promote stereotypes by way of consuming mass quantities of meat, potatoes and Guinness, surely making the world outside Ireland jealous of our pseudo heritage – even our beer is green with envy. This St. Paddy’s Adam and I celebrate the only way we know how, at Doyle’s public House.

Doyle’s Irish Pub was clearly the place to be 11:30 Saturday afternoon. While gates were being arranged outside the door and bands sound checked in the adjacent beer tent, the interior of Doyle’s was already bustling with a heavy lunchtime crowd fueled by Guinness and corned beef. Moods were good. Beyond good. Even the brutish looking rugby players projected on the big screen looked in good spirits on this most holy of holidays. We didn’t waste any time, immediately ordering a round of Guinness and Jameson. The two seem made to pair with one another. The smooth (if slightly flavorless) body of a freshly poured Guinness just begs for the hot throat coat of a Jameson shot. Oi!

For food we went traditional. Adam started with the shepard’s pie. A good ratio of potatoes to meat and veg, this concoction was anything but traditional. There must have been an herb shortage in old Ireland, because any cursory look at a traditional recipe for this dish involves at most a tablespoon or two of total spices for an entire pan. This small bowl probably had almost that. This pie was loaded with spices and herbs that gave the meat and potatoes some life on this most lively of days. If I had to hazard a guess I’d say coriander, parsley, basil, caraway….whatever it was, it was delicious. Doyle’s needs to keep this on the regular menu.

Following the world’s tastiest shepard’s pie was my corned beef sandwich. I’m not sure why, but I absolutely love corned beef. It may just be on par with my general love for all things pickled, but I can’t get enough of the stuff. Doyle’s has a good track record with corned beef sandwiches – after all, they did score highest in our Reuben Showdown last summer – and this was no different. The bread was fresh and perfectly toasted, the meat moist and flavorful, and the horseradish light and creamy. I would have however preferred a thick cut of corned beef, instead of the thin deli slices, particularly on a day like today. Ah well, delicious regardless.

We left Doyle’s before things got crazy, our minds and waistlines intact, but can only imagine the fun that was had late into the evening. If you were in the trenches Saturday night, leave us a comment, we’d love to hear about it. We hope everyone had a wonderful St. Paddy’s day.

Derrick and Adam
As always, mention us and get…nothing! Except maybe unless your Irish, which we all are today. Wait, it’s no longer St. Paddy’s…you’re getting nothing. Sorry.


Doyle’s Public House
208 St Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402

Doyle's Public House on Urbanspoon

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