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Marrow Kitchen and Bar

11 Oct

A written post about 6th Ave’s newest up-class experimental meat and veggie restaurant.

Marrow Menu

Unless you’ve been entombed within the shrouds of the Murray Morgan bridge the past few months you’ve probably heard of Marrow on 6th Avenue. It filled the space formerly occupied by Beyond the Bridge across the intersection from Jazzbones; however, unlike the short lived cafe that preceded it, Marrow has managed to bring something fresh and new to 6th Ave. In fact, Marrow seems to have reinvented classy.

The place is new-industrial a la the Ace hotel in Portland with Bulleit whiskey bottles suspended on steel tethers in the entryway and mind-blowing light fixtures consisting of only exposed 25watt bulbs. The tables are clean butcher block and the chairs aluminum (my only beef). The waitstaff and patrons are generally well dressed but sporting gauged earrings and tats. The menu plays a similar role. Think of a paradise where insatiable carnivores frolic happily alongside mild mannered herbivores. Kind of like those pamphlets Jehovah’s witnesses persistently leave in your screen door with pictures of little kids merrily riding lions in some sort of weird rapture scenario. The menu (a single sheet cleanly thumbtacked to a hunk of cork board) is two sided: “Marrow” – containing a carnivore’s dream line up of savory and unusual meats, and “Arrow” – an impressive list of unusual vegetarian dishes that looked good enough to sway the meat eaters. Adam and I resisted however. We ate meat. A lot of it. Five different sources in fact. Beef, pork, bison, lamb, and clam.

I feel like frickin’ Ted Nugent.

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Valhalla Coffee

26 Sep GCF_metronomeTTT-11

In this latest video cast: Derrick has a moment with a cup of coffee, we explore one of the premiere roasters in Tacoma, and we present the first ever GCF interview!

I can’t quite remember exactly when coffee transitioned from mid-day luxury to morning necessity, but sometime in college I began relying on my morning cup of coffee like a paratrooper relies on air resistance. It keeps me up…and prevents me from plummeting a great many leagues to certain doom. Coffee is an essential part of my morning, but is far from a mindless item on my to-do list, it is something I love so very dearly.

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T Town Taster: Medi’s Pizza and Pasta

23 Sep

Another GCF Quickie, this time about Medi’s, a new pizza and pasta joint on 6th Ave which will be celebrating its grand opening this weekend.

What a crappy picture of a tasty thin crust pizza

I’m not sure how this is even possible, but it’s taken more years than I have Tacoma living experience for an inexpensive by-the-slice pizza joint to grace 6th Avenue. UPS students, your brain food has arrived. Medi’s Pizza and Pasta opened its doors a couple weeks ago under a soft opening in the old Sluggo Music location next to Six Olives and across from Pastiche. The short menu includes $2 slices and $10 16″ 2-topping pizzas, $6 calzones, and some basic pasta dishes. The atmosphere is family-friendly without being a kid zoo, and the stereotypical vintage arcade games actually work.

This post will almost immediately become obsolete, as Medi’s grand opening is slated for this weekend (Saturday, Sept.24) according to our friendly waiter. The new menu is rumored to have up to 15 specialty pizzas, including some with white sauce, but perhaps some slightly increased prices as well. The place is under the same owners as O’Malley’s Irish Pub down the street, and the bar is evidence of that as it is fully loaded with a large assortment of liquor and quite a few taps. There is no happy hour as of yet, and the micros are a bit steep at $4-5, but the quality inexpensive food should settle the score for most.

The pizza comes on a fresh crispy thin crust, the cheese is extra gooey, and the ingredients generous. The calzones are large and equally loaded with your favorite goodies. Medi’s has a ways to go before they become my favorite pizza joint, but at these prices and this location it should become an easy hit for 6th Ave.

Medi’s Pizza and Pasta

2710 6th Ave 
Tacoma, WA 98406

MSM Deli

19 Aug

Reuben stacked and ready for business

It is a goal of this blog to document the unique and unknown in Tacoma.  It is however inevitable that we will showcase the diners, dives, delis, and taco trucks that make this gritty city great.  MSM Grocery & Deli on 6th and South Trafton is certainly one of those places.

MSM Deli (or Magical Sandwich Makers to those not so keen on brevity, or Magical Sandwich Makers Grocery II & Deli to any Ents in our reading audience) is as unassuming as they come: a rectangular white box of a building stacked with refrigerator banks and minimart-esque wire racks filled with assorted snacks and grocery items; however, a jampacked parking lot and steady stream of hungry sandwich enthusiasts betray the sleepy exterior.  A well known Tacoma fact is this place makes a mean sandwich.  So mean, you’ll likely find yourself standing in line for some time while some creepy lady with a Disneyland sweater makes gooey eyes at you.  MSM is so accessible, and so reasonably priced (sandwiches start under $5), it isn’t uncommon to see a suit diving mouth-first into a club sandwich seated next to a crack head (partially based on assumption….ok, largely based on assumption).  This last bit of info surely won’t scare the typical Gritty Tacoman, but this does help to repel the Bluetooths and Beamers.  Douchebag repellant.

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