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PHO 701

22 Aug

#26 - Vermicelli Rice Noodles...lightly glazed with crack sauce

In the not so distant past, it seemed like pho places were popping up like weeds.  They each took on punny names like “Pho You” or “What the Pho?”  This of course is due to the fact that “pho” rhymes with a favorite curse word – unbeknownst to many city commerce officials – making it rife with immature possibility.  Each of these places followed roughly the same business model: strip mall, tile floors, formica tables, hermetically sealed chopsticks, and monstrous bowls of salty broth filled with meat and noodles.  Pho 701 may not get top honors in the name department, but this place far surpasses your typical noodle house.  You better pho king believe it!

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