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WA Beer Week: Harmon’s Black Tartan via the Parkway’s Randall

28 Feb

Installation six of seven for the Washington Beer Week. This time we headed to the north end’s favorite neighborhood pub, The Parkway.

The Parkway was especially packed tonight- maybe due to their Randall Wrecker Mondays, possibly due to Washington Beer Week, or perhaps because it’s the parkway and it’s a fantastic spot to find yourself on any given evening.

Since it was Randall Wrecker Monday AND Washington Beer Week, they were kind enough to pump some local malty delights through the Randall (For those liberal minded: think hop-bong or for the more conservative crowd: a French press of hops) – tonight was the Harmon’s own Black Tartan (which makes me think of a co-worker’s utilikilt , go ahead a let your mind wonder on that one)

Anyway, it tasted better than what might lay below the nether regions of the kilt on a warm summer day. In fact, a lot better (no personal experience- just conjecture). It had rich and dark roasted malt with a hint of chocolate, without being outlandishly sweet and syrupy- perhaps due to being drawn through the Randall (adding a light bit of cascade hoppiness). For those of you who know Harmon beers, it did still have the same medium malty flavor that pervades every one of their beers, but I really enjoyed the creamed smokey espresso flavored American Black Ale. Way to go Harmon and as always, way to go The Parkway.


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