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Sonia’s Tacos

11 Aug GCF_6thTT-5

Adam, returning from a long trip overseas seeks out some traditional American fare: street tacos.

It’s been one lazy-assed summer. At least for me. Adam’s been galavanting around the European countryside eating fabulous food and drinking amazing beer, while I’ve been doing the same…only in my backyard, not Austria. I could have been writing posts about my finely honed BBQ sauce or my kickass loganberry jam, but who’d read that crap? The pictures would surely leave something to be desired. Truth is, I love nothing more than sitting around in the sumer time and doing absolutely nothing. Just ask my neighbors, the kudzu of blackberry and morning glory ominously framing my property has already claimed a few small children. We’re a bit out of practice here at Gritty City food, and what better to knock off the rust than a soft landing at a safe little taco truck on 6th Ave? I mean, it’s in the midst of everything else, conspicuously adjoined to a payday loan carcass like some sort of Frankenrestaurant just waiting for an eager food blogger to expend several hundred words on the glory that is street tacos on 6th Ave.

If you’re into that sort of thing, read on…

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Dirty Oscar’s Annex – Spring Menu


A preview of the new spring menu at DOA. 

Dirty Oscar’s Annex has had a lot of air time here at GCF in part because they’re so nice about inviting us to classy events such as this one (pinkie out), but it’s mostly due to their constantly evolving menu of fresh and unique dishes. The competition on 6th is intense with other fine eats like Crown bar and Asado (the finest menu on 6th will probably always belong to Marrow however), but Chef Aaron is doing his best to push his to new heights, and is firmly ahead of the bulk of those competitors.

A couple weeks ago we were invited, along with a number of other local media personalities, to a preview of the spring menu. The abbreviated menu showcased a number of bright and tangy vinegar-based dishes that are a very welcome springtime departure from the heavy and appropriately greasy bulk of the winter menu. It’s as if we’ve emerged from hibernation to find ourselves some spring fruits and flowers…served alongside a crisp IPA.

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Birthday Bash

6 Dec GCF_BDAY-13

A Recap of our joint birthday extravaganza on 6th Ave

Adam’s and my birthday are the 20th and 21st of November, respectively. This is perfect fodder for all sort of sordid and exciting joint birthdays in the future, but our first foray into this – celebrated a couple weeks ago across much of 6th Ave – was relatively tame all things considered. We convinced nearly 30 friends and relatives to join us on a crawl which started at Masa and ended in disarray, with 8 different restaurants visited in between. Each location had a “required” drink and food purchase. Whoever crossed the most items off their to-do list was crowned the unofficial GCF badass of the night. This write up is a recap of that evening with highlights, lowlights, and hopefully a few words of wisdom from one blogger who’s twenties are officially behind him.

Adam’s got a couple more year of irresponsibility and debauchery ahead of him however.

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T Town Taster: Taqueria El Antojo

21 Sep

Another Mexican quickie, this time Taqeuria El Antojo on 38th and McKinley

For a mere $4.99 you too can eat delicious Mole Enchiladas at Taqueria El Antojo in South Tacoma. Kiddy Corner to the now defunct McKinley Elementary, the little taco and burrito joint is bursting with deals and traditional Mexican goodness. You can easily spot it. It’s the one with the slightly disenfranchised looking guy out front with the iPod spinning the $4.99 lunch special sign. What’s with those guys anyway? The Little Caesars guys kill me. I like to imagine they’re listening to something completely opposite to their appearance, maybe some Carpenters or Bread.

The special seems to rotate through different delicious offerings, but incase it’s not up to your standards you can always pony up for some $.50 tacos or $1.99 burritos. The place is interesting, having the appearance of an airport fast food counter: big lcd screens displaying brightly colored menus hang above the long multi-register counter, full sized posters on every window, orders spoken over an intercom system to the chefs working their asses off in the back. It is a small chain with restaurants in Tacoma, Lakewood, Lynwood, and a truck in Birmingham, but it totally feels corporate. Needless to say, I was leery. I was however comforted somewhat by the big round tortilla baking stone up front.

The food is fresh, flavor packed and surprisingly fast. I recommend you ignore the wild sign spinner gesticulating on the corner and head in as if this were a typical mom and pop shop. It’s almost as good.

Taqueria El Antojo
3801 Mckinley Ave, Tacoma -
(253) 475-0375
Taqueria El Antojo on Urbanspoon

T Town Taster: Vuelve a la Vida’s Tres Taco Platter

16 Sep

A short write up about a tall lunch order

Vuelve a la Vida, or “The Purple Octopus” as it is lovingly referred to by us here at GCF, is a fabulous authentic Mexican joint in the South end at 53rd and Pac Ave. It is a great place for slow roasted meats, killer horchata, and hand made tortillas. Although the place is well deserving of a full write-up, this is just a quick look at one of our favorites here: the Tres Taco Platter.

The Tres Taco Platter is one of the more delicious and inexpensive lunch specials on the South side. For around five bucks, you can get three massive tacos overflowing with any assortment of traditionally cooked meats and accented with fresh onion and cilantro. Be sure to quickly smother them in the two salsas provided by your waitress though, because she’ll no doubt take them from you as fast as she brought them. They must be in short supply of squeezie bottles or something.

I recommend the carne asada, birria (goat), and luenga, by which I mean cow tongue. Tasting something which was once itself responsible for tasting is a bit complicated. Complicated but delicious. Yup.

As always, mention us and get…nothing! Maybe some tongue. That isn’t meant to sound dirty.

Vuelve a la Vida
5310 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98408

(253) 473-7068
Vuelve a la Vida on Urbanspoon


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