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The Parkway Tavern

16 Feb

You know it, you love it. We meet a few of you and enjoy some beers at the Parkway Tavern.

The Parkway Tavern…best beer selection in Tacoma. ’nuff said.

On Historical Landmarks Not So Historical

You know, I in good conscience could have ended the post there. The Parkway beer selection alone is good enough to make it a worthwhile destination. Even if the place had only one bathroom, wobbly tables, and a staff consisting of one Brett Michaels I would still consider it a wonderful stop along the Gritty City Express. Not long ago that was a frighteningly close description of this bar-in-a-house, but the Parkway has become so much more in just the past eight or nine years in which I’ve been privy to its existence. Once a grimy space-challenged room with few taps and low popcorn ceilings, the Parkway is now a shiny cathedral for hop worshippers to pay homage to the religion that is craft beer.

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17 Sep

Our first ever showdown! For this maiden voyage, our mission is to find the best reuben in Tacoma, and we think we did. Hit “continue reading” to read the full write up!

This post has been a long time in the making. The brilliant idea of a showdown-style no-holds-barred food battle struck us very early on, we just wanted to wait for the right moment to tackle such an epic undertaking. We settled on the reuben partly from an earlier post about the MSM Deli, in which I get carried away about the reuben, suggesting that maybe it was one of the best in town other than perhaps The Swiss. I spent some time thinking about that statement, and realized how incredibly naive I was being. I hadn’t tried every reuben in Tacoma.  How could I even begin to suggest it might be one of the best? Turns out it’s not. I am a dick. Simple solution: we needed to find the best. Ladies and gentlemen, this post is my redemption.

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IPA Festival at The Parkway Tavern

29 Aug

A recount of the delightfully hoppy affair at the Parkway Tavern, showcasing the Northwest’s best IPAs and some unique BBQ

I’ve long had a love affair with the Parkway Tavern.  I remember the humble beginnings of what would become one of the premier taprooms in the South Sound, before the glorious mahogany bar and zebra safari room, when you could count the taps on one hand and touch the low popcorn ceilings with the other.  Hell, The Parkway provided the keg of Boundary Bay IPA for my wedding a few years back.  But this is not a write up on the Parkway, we’ll save that for a long weekend when we can hit most of the menu and all of the taps.  This is a thread about the glory that is the annual IPA fest.  Love and Hoppiness.

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